Is Comprehensive Car Insurance Worth It Reddit

Well my answer to your question Is comprehensive worth it is always going to be a yes for me. So if you have a 500 deductible comprehensive stops being worth it around 290 per year.

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This is what is known as being upside-down on a loan.

Is comprehensive car insurance worth it reddit. This is usually when. I had only collision coverage 1000 deductible on it no frills but I figured its worth it since my car is still worth a good amount. Once your collision and comprehensive bill over five or so years approaches the potential insurance payout its probably not worth keeping the extra coverage.

Even if you decide comprehensive insurance is worth it for now revisit this math as your car ages and you get new car insurance quotes. Is it suitable for you. I have a 13 year old Prius worth about 7500 low miles top of the line good condition.

When You Need and Dont Need Gap Insurance. I just got my renewal notice from my insurance company and am considering dropping these coverages. Iam currently only paying for liability and it is 3272 a month.

When it comes to buying a used car there is no car history report service more prominent than CarFax. Also be weary of the cheaper companies. Then someone stole my catalytic converter.

Id say the comprehensive is worth it if you have a particularly valuable car or one on which repairs or body work would be expensive. This type of car insurance is third party property car insurance. Comprehensive insurance will include auto glass coverage in the event of theft vandalism fire natural disasters and even animal collisions.

You dont have a no claims bonus. Not everyone whose car is stolen or totaled needs gap insurance. Though comprehensive insurance is a smart choice for most drivers it ultimately depends on you your car and your ability to deal with unexpected damage or total loss of your.

Is collision or comprehensive auto insurance worth always carrying. I understand it is more expensive than third party but with myself at least the piece of mind full comprehensive car insurance gives when Im on the roads balances out the extra cost. That said if you park outside in an area prone to say hail storms its probably worth having coverage.

KBB says my car is worth about 6000-8000 if I sell it privately and about 5000 if I sell to a dealership. A simpler calculation is if a tree branch fell and destroyed your car tomorrow can you replace it comfortably without receiving a 1900 check from the insurance company. This cost will vary based on your carrier and your state.

But if you think youll need to cover your vehicle comprehensive car insurance might be worth considering. Possibly if you cant get decently-priced comprehensive insurance. You live in an area thats considered high-risk for crime and other risks or.

The Insurance Information Institute III estimates the average cost of comprehensive car insurance to be around 136 per year. It only benefits those owners who finance the purchase of their new carand then only for that period when their car is worth less than what they owe on the loan. Comprehensive insurance could be a worthwhile investment especially if you have a newer car with a high market value and want to protect your finances in the event of vandalism a natural disaster theft or contact with an animal.

Third party property car insurance with cover for fire and theft. Heres when you should consider dropping these car insurance coverages. Youll be saving a few hundred dollars at most but if you need it then you would be inconvenienced with lack of a car and a bill to replace it.

If the damage that has occurred is due to any reason other than a collision then you will need to have a comprehensive insurance policy. Youve likely seen the commercials. Frankly that depends on a few things like what kind of insurance coverage is in your policy.

Lacie Glover is an insurance. However you can choose to include cover for fire and theft. Your car is worth less than say 1000 and you can afford to buy another car.

My car is worth around 4000 and right now I would pay 163year for collision with a 1000 deductible and 48year for comprehensive with a 500 deductible these. I didnt have comprehensive no rental car. If I have a 1000 deductible for comprehension and collision it will increase my monthly bill to 7170.

A CGI fox clad with a shirt that reads CAR FOX giving advice to a consumer looking to purchase a new used car. Comprehensive insurance is worth it if you cant afford the bill to replace your car. 10 of the value of the car your deductible is the rule of thumb.